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Home Loan Counselling – Sharing of over 14 years of home loan experience

We have been a part of a 30 year journey with our esteemed customers. Our home loan counsellors offer you the time tested advice.
Be it legal documentation, project or builder approvals, and technical advice, we look forward to sharing with you and this service is absolutely free.
Our project approval facility provides our customers the comfort of purchasing properties from builders who have complied with all basic documentation.

Door Step Service
We offer door step service. Please call at SHCL office or call our Sales Executive to assist you..

We help you find your dream home
Please seek the help of our reality service for purchasing your dream home.

Wide Product Range
We provide loans to meet all your requirements for you to make that house a home.

  • Home Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Home Extension Loans, Loans to professionals for office or clinic, Mortgage Loans for children education, marriage etc.
  • Land Loan (Govt. Plot).
  • Loans on Adjustable Rate, Fixed Rate.

Multiple Repayment Option

Step Up Repayment Facility

Helps young executives take a much bigger loan today based on an increase in their future income, this helps executives buy a bigger home today!

Flexible Loan installments Plan

Often customers, parents and their children, wish to purchase properties together. The parent is nearing retirement and their children have just started working. This option helps such customers combine the incomes and take a long term home loan where in the installment reduces upon retirement of the earning parent.

Tranche Based EMI

Customers purchasing an under construction property need to pay interest ( on the loan amount drawn based on level of construction) till the property is ready . To help customer save this interest, we have introduced a special facility of tranche Based EMI. Customers can fix the installments they wish to pay till the property is ready. The minimum amount payable is the interest on the loan amount drawn. Anything over and above the interest paid by the customer goes towards Principal repayment. The customer benefits by starting EMI and hence repays the loan faster.

Accelerated Repayment Scheme

Accelerated Repayment Scheme offers you a great oppourtunity to repay the loan faster by increasing the EMI. Whenever you get an increment, increase in your disposable income or have lumpsum funds for loan prepayment, you can benefit by

  • Increase in EMI means faster loan repayment
  • Saving of interest because of faster loan repayment
  • You can invest lumpsum funds rather than use it for loan prepayment. The return from the investments also gives you the comfort of paying the increased EMI.

Wide network of financing
At present we are giving service for 10 locations and soon we shall reach at 13 locations to serve you better.

Post Disbursement Services
Income tax Certificate to enable you to claim the tax benefits are sent to you. This service is absolutely free.

Loan Repayment

  • Post Dated Cheques - No Charges for replacement of cheques*
  • Loan Repayment at any SHCL Office.

* Condition Apply

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